We are coming back with much more better (September 2021)!

We are coming back with much more better (September 2021)!


Sorry that I was too busy these days, so I could not update with the news. I got COVID-19 so it took me a long time to have treatment in the hospital (from March to July). After coming back home in July, I have contact directly with those who got COVID-19. So I must go to quarantine again. Now I’m back home and working again.

For you, I know you didn’t get new content from our website. However you can look back to old content which you didn’t know about or you didn’t get yet. So the “pause” period didn’t hurt you much.

As you see, I have returned to work on our website. From now on, it will have many big packs (including a lot of big pack/collection content from March to September 2021). So you will not regret what I’m doing.

Due to longtime have had treatment in the hospital and don’t have any other income resource, so I lack funds now. So please bear with me. And please renew your subscription to support me. Thank you for your understanding!

The “Search” function of our website works again. You can freely search for content that you need.

We are coming back with much better…!

Again, very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank & Best Regards
Admin of www.0dayrelease.com

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