Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Minimal Selection 07.05.2022

Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Minimal Selection 07.05.2022

Title: Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Minimal Selection 07.05.2022
Genre: Afro House, Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Progressive House, Deep House
Store Date: 07.05.2022
Tracks: 166
Quality: 320 kbps
Channels: Stereo / 44 khz
Size: 2,5 Gb

Agustin Pietrocola – Unknown (Unknown)
Allies for Everyone – Takes All Kinds (Oliver Schories Remix) [ICONYC]
Allies for Everyone – Takes All Kinds (Space Food Remix) [ICONYC]
Andrewboy – Forever (Extended Mix)
Andrewboy – Forever (Q.U.A.K.E Extended Remix)
Andy Cley – Thunder (Thunder)
Anton Stelsi – Close Your Eyes (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
Antrim – Delusion (Original Mix) [Or Two Strangers]
Asher Swissa, Korolova,Evelynka – Under the Moonlight (Extended Mix)
Asketa & Natan Chaim, Jonah Baker & NiCo – Somebody (Extended Mix)
Avira feat. Dan Soleil – Surrender (Extended Mix)
Binaryh – Other Side feat. Eleonora (Original Mix) [Hiato Music]
BLOND_ISH, Amadou & Mariam, Francis Mercier – Sete (Original Mix)
Brando – Close To You (Kyle Watson Extended Remix)
Brisotti – Astro (Original Mix)
Chaney – Blank Space (Extended Mix)
Charlotte De Witte – Ahimsa (Original Mix)
Charlotte De Witte – Kali (Original Mix)
Charlotte de Witte – Satori
Charlotte de Witte – Universal Consciousness
Cherry (UA) – Giza (Original Mix)
Cherry (UA) – Pampa (Original Mix)
Christian Cheval – Rock The Beats (Original Mix)
Claptone, lau.ra – Beautiful (James Hype Extended Remix)
Classmatic – Toma Dale (Original Mix)
Colle – Cold Genius (Original Mix) [Eklektisch]
Colyn – KL427 (Original Mix)
Colyn – Oxygen Levels Low
Colyn – Wait For You (Original Mix)
Cosmique – Mean Machine (Original Mix)
Crescendoll – Alien Transmission (Original Mix)
Crusy – Karma (Extended Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Cuprite – Kali
Cuprite – We Are the Light (Morttagua Remix) [Timeless Moment]
Dario D’Attis – Believer (David Aurel Remix)
Dario D’Attis – Believer (Original Mix)
Dario D’Attis – Believer (Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix)
Dave Aude, Jeffrey James – Break Out (Chapter & Verse Extended Club)
Dennis Beutler – Under The Lights (Extended Mix)
Desert Dwellers – The Elephants March (Uone’s Fear & Loathing Remix) [Dreaming Awake]
Desert Dwellers – The Elephants March (Uone’s L.S.D. Remix) [Dreaming Awake]
DiMO (BG), Mr.K (BG) – Orientos
Dire Straits – Money For Nothing (Sevenrs Remix)
Dirty South – Shelter (Extended Mix)
Drumstone – I Have a Dream [Itzel Records]
Eleonora, Marc DePulse – To Be Written (Lunar Plane Remix)
ENNE, Duarte (BR) – Maracatu (Original Mix)
ENNE, Lucas Bahr – Shakira (Original Mix)
Eran Hersh – Zama (Extended Mix)
Floa & Ra5im – Overthinking (Extended Mix)
Florence + The Machine – My Love (MEDUZA Extended Remix)
Francesco Poggi – On & On (Kevin McKay Extended Remix)
Gabriele Toma – Mi Ritmo (Original Mix)
Goom Gum & Stylo – Tempter
GotSome Feat. Georgia Meek – Dead End (Extended Mix)
Greck B, Milos Pesovic – Head (Saul Antol¡n Remix)
Gui Wallet – Conga (Original Mix)
Gustaff – My Mind Is My Name (Cosmin Horatiu Remix)
Gustaff – My Mind Is My Name (Original Mix) [Kubbo Records]
Gustaff – Tequila (Milos Pesovic Remix) [Kubbo Records]
Gustaff – Tequila (Original Mix) [Kubbo Records]
Haffenfold – Rime of Chaos (Soul Button Remix)
HAUMS – I’m Here (Erdi Irmak Remix)
Hollaphonic, NOME. – Ahora Comprendo (Extended Mix)
Hot Since 82 – Out The Door (Extended Mix)
Hot Since 82 – Out The Door (Original Mix) [Knee Deep In Sound]
Hugel, Quarterhead – Fever (Extended Mix)
Husa & Zeyada – On My Own (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)
Husa & Zeyada – On My Own (WAHM to the Moon Version)
Immature – Unknown Cycles (Original Mix)
Jack Wins – Queen (Qubiko Extended Remix)
Jacob (IL) – Access Denied (Original Mix)
Jaded – Can You Feel It (Extended)
Jamie Jones – My Paradise (Extended Mix) [Defected]
JAMIIE – Mussoya (Original Mix)
JAVIIS – That Time (Carbon Remix)
Jay NU – Beyond the Earth
Jay NU, NIRA (SL) – Beyond the Earth (Beyond the Earth Nature)
Jon.K – Hadera
Juliet Sikora, Wally Lopez – Ardilla (Extended Mix)
Kadhem, Aziz Bls – Holding Me (Haze-M Remix)
Karol XVII & MB Valence feat. Jono McCleery – Fool’s Gold feat. Jono McCleery (Fur Coat Remix)
Kasper Koman – Fruit (Original Mix) [Lost Miracle]
Kasper Koman – The Observer (Original Mix) [Lost Miracle]
Kreisel – Follow Me
Krypta – One Reason Only (Original Mix)
Landau – In Love Original Mix
Lekota – Radar (Extended Mix)
Lewis. – Eyes On Fire (Original Mix)
Lewis. – Hidden Places (Original Mix)
Lowly Light – Lose You (John J-C Carr & Bill Coleman 808 Beach Extended Remix)
Lunar Disco – Telephone Rose (Original Mix)
Malone, BLOND ISH, Archila – Voices Above (Original Mix)
Marcello Zehnle – Deimos (Cezar Nica Remix)
Mark Maxwell, ASTA – Santorini (Extended Mix)
Maxim Lany – Cyclone (Extended Mix)
Me & My Toothbrush – Trippin’ on Acid (Extended Mix)
Moe Turk – Que Nada (Original mix)
Monolink – Sirens (Anneto, AnPulse, JKaash VIP Remix)
Moon Disco (US) – Spinnin That 33 (Original Mix)
Mr. Moudz – I Like Your Style (Original Mix)
Nacho Scoppa – 10 (Original Mix)
Nacho Scoppa – CANOB (Original Mix)
Nacho Scoppa – No Excuses (Original Mix)
Nacho Scoppa – Rojo Y Negro (Original Mix)
Nacho Scoppa – Rosario (Original Mix)
Nate NoFun – Sassy (Original Mix)
Nicolas Viana – This Feeling (Nicolas Giordano Remix) [RYNTH]
Nicolas Viana – This Feeling (Original Mix) [RYNTH]
Nicolau Marinho, Felipe Fella – About Us (Original Mix)
NightFunk, Jess Kidd – Housemusic (Original Mix)
NoNameLeft – Gradual Disruption (Original Mix)
Novikoff, Mark Youssef – Insight (No Distance Remix)
Oliver Schories, Bailey – Lotus (Extended Club Mix)
One Rock State – Follow Me (Extended Mix)
Oostil & Juan Hansen – Drown (Massano Remix)
Opposite Ways feat. Ivy Purple – Calm Your Heart (Original Mix)
Oravla Ziur – Finish Now (Original Mix)
Oravla Ziur – Terrazzza (Original Mix) [Time Bandits]
Paluma – Rapture (Kevin McKay Extended Remix) [Glasgow Underground]
Passenger 10 – Euphrasia (Extended Mix)
Plastic Robots – Tormented (Original Mix)
Politics Of Dancing, Ray Mono – Timing (Original Mix) [Politics Of Dancing Digital]
Politics Of Dancing, Ray Mono – Unlocked (Cuartero Remix) [Politics Of Dancing Digital]
Politics Of Dancing, Ray Mono – Unlocked (Original Mix) [Politics Of Dancing Digital]
Q.U.A.K.E – The Future (Original Mix)
Q.U.A.K.E – Woodpecker (Original Mix)
Radeckt – Servant Of Impulse
Satori – Troublemaker
Sean & Dee – New Dawn (Extended Mix)
Sezer Uysal VIIA – Space Control
Sezer Uysal VIIA – Space Fusion
Shaf Huse – Matter Of Fact (Original Mix)
Shayan Pasha, Agustin Pietrocola – Puregressive Life (Spring Has Gone)
Simos Tagias – Euphoria (Paul Deep Remix)
Skala – Winter Sun
Sorley – Strung Up (Extended Mix)
Space Food – Cycle Twice (Original Mix)
Space Food – Indigo (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev & Santiablo – Tikuna
Stiv Hey – Nebula (Original Mix) [Hydrozoa]
Stiv Hey – Sundown (Original Mix) [Hydrozoa]
Surfface – Fizerhood (Original Mix) [JEAHMON! Records]
Surfface – This Will Never Happen to You Again (Original Mix) [JEAHMON! Records]
Tebra, Cafe De Anatolia – Avet (Original Mix)
The Doors. – Light My Fire (Wh0 Remix)
The Gabe Concept – Cobra
The Organism – Conquistador (Original Mix) [TAU]
The Organism – Cowboy (Original Mix) [TAU]
The Organism – Ups And Downs
This Culture – It’s Not Too Late (Extended Mix)
Tim van Werd Feat. Diana Miro – Too Many Games (Extended Mix)
Toni Varga – Quantum (Original Mix)
Toni Varga – Superloop (Original Mix)
Ucha, Darksidevinyl – Give Me A Reason
UMEK, Popof, Space 92 – Control
Verve, Mars Monero, Rodskeez – Spilling Conduit (Claudio Cornejo Remix)
Vessbroz – We Are The People (Extended Mix)
VieL – Confession Amoureuse (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)
VieL – Confession Amoureuse
Vintage Culture & Goodboys – This Feeling (Original Mix)
V-Lake, Raxvy – La Macarena (Javi Colina, Quoxx Remix)
V-Lake, Raxvy – La Macarena (Original Mix)
WhoMadeWho, Rampa – UUUU (Original Mix) [Embassy One]
York & Ava Silver – Evolving (Extended Mix)
YOUniverse (IT) – Feels Right (Original Mix)

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