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Benefits of Vip Membership (Update March 2015):
+ On Private section of Vip Membership have protected & exclusive materials and many more advantage.
+ All posts from May 2013 to March 2015 are stored on Private section of Membership. You can not see that posts if you are not Vip Member.
+ The material is hosted on and on all posts.
+ Question: Does you need Nitroflare’s premium account to download?
Answer: No, you don’t need Nitroflare’s premium account to download. Nitroflare’s premium account is optional. After you became Vip Membership, on Private section of Vip Membership, Vip Member can FREE download all links on with any of files size.
+ The material was stored since more than 04 years + . After you became Vip Membership, you can access to huge privated material of

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- your are not allowed to share our posts on another websites.
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- your are not allowed to login on our website from strange IPs(outside your country). If you are travelling to another country and login from strange IPs, pls notice admin of
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- As soon as we see your subscription to end, we will block your Vip Membership access.

When you purchase/renew subscription to again, we will recover your Vip Membership access.
Please send your receipt after purchased/renewed on Cleeng to email: [email protected]

Refund policy:
+ If you are complaintning that your IP was blocked, you can not login to our website as Vip Member, you can not use our website to got the content, pls setup Teamviewer:

Then admin of can access your computer to check your login to

After checking your login to, see your IP was blocked, see what you are talking is right and we could not slove problem, we will refund for you the money.

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