Beatport The Shortlist September 2021

Beatport The Shortlist September 2021

Beatport The Shortlist Afro House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Deep House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Indie Dance September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Melodic House & Techno September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Minimal / Deep Tech September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Organic House / Downtempo September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Progressive House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Tech House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Techno (Peak Time/Driving) September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Techno (R/D/H) September 2021

Title: Beatport The Shortlist September 2021
Genre: Deep House, Afro House, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Progressive House, Tech House
Store Date: 09/2021
Packs: 11
Tracks: 237
Quality: 320 kbps
Channels: Stereo / 44 khz
Size: 3,56 Gb

Beatport The Shortlist Afro House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Deep House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Indie Dance September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Melodic House & Techno September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Minimal / Deep Tech September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Organic House / Downtempo September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Progressive House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Tech House September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Techno (Peak Time/Driving) September 2021
Beatport The Shortlist Techno (R/D/H) September 2021

Afro House\Atmos Blaq – Eidolon (Atmospheric Mix)
Afro House\Atmos Blaq, Sandhaus – Undone (Dj Tomer & Ricardo Remix)
Afro House\Awen, Candy Man – Unstoppable (Daniel Rateuke Remix)
Afro House\Badbox, Vanco, Bobbi Fallon – Alive (feat. Bobbi Fallon) (Extended Mix)
Afro House\Dj Beekay, Thandi Draai – Linda (Original Mix)
Afro House\Double Drop, Giluuu – Dawa (Original Mix)
Afro House\Emmaculate – Higher Vibrations (Mac’s Afro Sax Mix)
Afro House\Francis Mercier, Emvafaya – Bolingo Nanga (feat. Bibi Den’s Tshibayi) (Extended Mix)
Afro House\Hallex M, PAUZA – Faiyum (Original Mix)
Afro House\Jackson Brainwave – Elevation (Original Mix)
Afro House\Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, Tresor – Funu (Original Mix)
Afro House\Meith – Limbo (Original Mix)
Afro House\Mr Hands, Rude, Rhodalia Silvestre – African Train (Original Mix)
Afro House\Osvaldo Beatz, Fadhilee Itulya – Abiro Dala (Original Mix)
Afro House\Oxygenbuntu, B’utiza – We Bafana (Native P. Remix)
Afro House\Oyobi, Qvln, Maitˆ Inaˆ – Crossroads (Original Mix)
Afro House\Shimza, Maleh – Fight to Love (Floyd Lavine Remix)
Afro House\Viral Gucci – Agony (Original Mix)
Afro House\Wolf Story, Mabiisi – Berila (Original Mix)
Afro House\Zakes Bantwini, Kasango – Osama (Original Mix)

Deep House\A04F – Feelings (Original Mix)
Deep House\Andy Bach – I’m Here (Original Mix)
Deep House\Chaos In the CBD – Mind Massage (Original Mix)
Deep House\Chris Stussy – Riva De Biasio (Original Mix)
Deep House\Donnell Knox, Beata Kozidrak – All You Need Iz Rhythm (Original Mix)
Deep House\Elisa Elisa – Dreamy Rhodes (Original Mix)
Deep House\Gianmarco Limenta – Tonight (Extended Mix)
Deep House\Gorge, Oliver Schories – Oyama (Original Mix)
Deep House\House Violence – Emergency (Original Mix)
Deep House\Ian Pooley – Basic Juno (Original Mix)
Deep House\Jamie Jones – Sunday In Paris (Original Mix)
Deep House\Kamm – Bird Call (Alland Byallo Remix)
Deep House\Kevin Yost – FKE (Original Mix)
Deep House\Luca Olivotto – One Percent (Original Mix)
Deep House\M-High – By My Side (Original Mix)
Deep House\Miguel Lobo – Escuchela (Original Mix)
Deep House\OJPB, Fred Everything – Th‚odore Le Fou (Fred Everything Le Remix)
Deep House\Risk Assessment, Queen Rose – Let It Go (Risk’s Twitch Dub)
Deep House\Thernero – The Cure (Original Mix)
Deep House\Tour-Maubourg – Ode to Love (Flabaire’s Nod to Mr. Fingers Remix)

House\CASSIMM, Leela D – Your Honor feat. Leela D (Extended Mix)
House\David Morales, Mr. V, DJ Rae, Scott Paynter – The Feels (Extended Mix)
House\Dick Johnson – I Can’t Help Myself (Original Mix)
House\Dilby – People Hold On (Original Mix)
House\Duvall, bshp – Every Song feat. bshp (CINTHIE Extended Remix)
House\Ewan McVicar, Trinere – The Rhythm (feat. Trinere) (Original Mix)
House\George Sykes, DJ Spen – On Time God (DJ Spen Re-Edit)
House\J. Worra – some ppl fall (David Penn Extended Remix)
House\James Silk – Like U Do (Edit)
House\Le Babar – Soulmates (Original Mix)
House\Luca Donzelli – Listen UP (Original Mix)
House\Mark Masters – Casa Groove (Original Mix)
House\Miguel Lobo, Cristian Merino – Underwater Luv (Original Mix)
House\Return of the Jaded – I’m in Love with You feat. MELLY OHH (Extended Mix)
House\Shimza, Maleh – Fight To Love (Louie Vega Expansions NYC Edit)
House\Soulidan – Alma Do Meu Cora‡ao (Original Mix)
House\Tenzella – The LWC (Mark Broom Remix)
House\Todd Terry, House of Gypsies, Kenny Summit, Al Wise – Another Worry (Kenny Summit Extended Mix)

Indie Dance\Argy – Power Of Detachment (Magit Cacoon Remix)
Indie Dance\Armonique – Spaceland 2098 (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Audio Junkies, Haptic – Wire (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Autoflower, BRK (BR) – Interface (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Berny – Body Tremble (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Colyn – Programmed for Empathy (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Cormac – Heartcore (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Fabio Kinky – Humanship (Remix by Marvin & Guy)
Indie Dance\Henri Bergmann, Wennink, Armonica – Protection (Armonica Cosmo Remix)
Indie Dance\Jason Peters, Shubostar – Broken (Shubostar Remix)
Indie Dance\Machinegewehr, Gees Voorhees – DeVilleneuve (feat. Gees Voorhees) (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Matthias Meyer, Budakid, Matthias Meyer, Budakid – Sweet Ease (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Musumeci, Qubica – The Chameleon (Extended Mix)
Indie Dance\Palamara – Airport (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Radial Gaze – Fages (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Rafael Cerato – No Socials (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Red Axes – Some Lights (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Samba Tour‚, Musumeci, Bayaka (IT) – Mana Yero Koy (Musumeci Remix)
Indie Dance\Tomy Wahl – I See Your Mind (Original Mix)
Indie Dance\Waltervelt, Kiko – Violent Location (Original Mix)

Melodic H&T\Alexandros Djkevingr, Greg Ignatovich – 86Ing (Erly Tepshi Remix)
Melodic H&T\Anden – Rewind (Yotto Remix)
Melodic H&T\Arm In Arm – Enamour (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\Baime – Basilika (Original)
Melodic H&T\Bertolt Meyer – Walks the Night (Hannes Bieger Remix)
Melodic H&T\Booka Shade – Drago (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\Coeus – Alea (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\Ditian – Chaos is Order (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\Glowal – Trigger Your Sense (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\Grigore – Upside Down (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\Henri Bergmann, Wennink, Fat Cosmoe – Protection (Fat Cosmoe Remix)
Melodic H&T\Innellea – Hypolation (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\KASST – Outomorrow (Anyma & Kevin De Vries Remix)
Melodic H&T\Marino Canal, David O’Dowda – Half Life (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\MATE 0000, Isadora Janne – Looking For The Sunrise (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\No Hopes, Max Freeze – Darkness (Extended Mix)
Melodic H&T\Obscure Sense – Veritas (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\Shelley Johannson – The Trip (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\Super Flu – Go (Original Mix)
Melodic H&T\Yor Kultura – Vlucht (Original Mix)

Minimal Deep Tech\Ale Castro – Boogie Bumps (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Boris Werner – 2021 RIP (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Chris Stussy – Deviant Shadow (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Cuartero – Assault (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\David Gtronic – Pupsik (Boris Werner Remix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Dimmish – Boozeman (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\James View – Yes or No (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Kevin Knapp – Footprints (Toman Remix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Leonidas (CH) – Taff (Traumer Edit)
Minimal Deep Tech\LOW VISION, Alexx L. – Want You (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Luca Donzelli – Vault 24 (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\M-High – Tomorrow Is Another Day (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Morpei, Manu Gonzalez – Help You Drop It (Tommy Vercetti Remix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Nicola Brusegan, Bryan Rizzitelli – West Coast (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Per Hammar, Olga Korol, Per Hammar, Olga Korol – Na Zare (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Ray Okpara, Jorge – Ohh Do It Too (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Robin Fett, Polar (NL) – Reaching For The Moon (Original Mix)
Minimal Deep Tech\Rossi. – RKinN (Rossi. Remix)

Organic House Downtempo\1. Dio S – Ballanda (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\10. Hermanez – Muskitam (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\11. Chris Domingo, Mariner, Mariner + Domingo – Inertia (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\12. Bodaishin – The Last Hope (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\13. Devrient – Mellem (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\14. Geplantes Nichtstun – Kapsel (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\15. Awl Alexander – Put The Light On feat. Jinadu (Hraach Remix)
Organic House Downtempo\16. Kasey Taylor, Karl Pilbrow – Edify (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\17. MOW – Perreo (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\18. Flexible Fire – La Cumbre (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\19. Namito – Relentless (Stimmhalt Remix)
Organic House Downtempo\2. Hoj (USA), Newman (I Love) – Want to Run Away feat. Amega (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\20. Adam Husa – Seashells (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\3. Pippi Ciez, Ning Ning – Life Path Nine feat. Ning Ning (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\4. Miraval, Pambouk – Canyon Beauty (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\5. Ninetoes – Ata (SIS Extended Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\6. Tuba Twooz – Rain Over the Sun (Anatolian Sessions Remix)
Organic House Downtempo\7. Ayala (IT) – Sacred Steels (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\8. NuKreative – Enigma (Original Mix)
Organic House Downtempo\9. Audiense – The Birth of a Miracle (Original Mix)

Progressive House\Alexey Union, Darknezz – Kedah (Extended Mix)
Progressive House\Carsten Halm – Sandsturm (Original Mix)
Progressive House\D-Formation, Lonya – Sonder (Original Mix)
Progressive House\Far Distance – Hyperspace (Rauschhaus Remix)
Progressive House\Golan Zocher, Velveta – Summer Sun (Emi Galvan Remix)
Progressive House\Haze-M, Rauschhaus, Zanjma – Mahadeva (Original Mix)
Progressive House\Imran Khan – Horizonz (Simos Tagias Remix)
Progressive House\Kasper Koman – Wilder (Alex O’Rion Remix)
Progressive House\Li-Polymer – Microclima (GMJ Remix)
Progressive House\Luke Chable – Melburn (Kasey Taylor Remix)
Progressive House\Madloch, Subnode – A Short Moment (Petar Dundov Remix)
Progressive House\Matan Caspi – Nowhere (Original Mix)
Progressive House\Ric Niels – Encounter (Juan Deminicis Remix)
Progressive House\Ruben Karapetyan – Never Again (Original Mix)
Progressive House\Second Sine – Tape Wreck (Original Mix)
Progressive House\Stan Kolev, Paul Thomas – Revelations (Fuenka Extended Mix)
Progressive House\Stereo Underground, Sealine – Flashes (Jerome Isma-Ae Extended Remix)
Progressive House\Steve Parry, Renato Cohen – What You Make It (Renato Cohen Remix)
Progressive House\Tantum – Call Of The Void (Original Mix)
Progressive House\Waxman (CA) – Dreams of Blue (Dabeat Remix)

Tech House\9th House – Kepler (Original Mix)
Tech House\Aldo Cadiz, AndrŠ Butano – Tzu-Mani (Original Mix)
Tech House\Ben Kim – Somebody To Love (Extended Mix)
Tech House\Brisotti – Chill Bill (Original Mix)
Tech House\Chiqito – Dance Of The Sugar (Original Mix)
Tech House\Cloonee – Love You Like That (Original Mix)
Tech House\Connor-S – Phantasy (Original Mix)
Tech House\David Fesser – Satisfy (Original Mix)
Tech House\Detlef – Dub Clap (Iglesias Remix)
Tech House\Eats Everything, Frankco Harris – Bobby And Ken ft. Frankco Harris (Original Mix)
Tech House\Eats Everything, Frankco Harris – Wallop (Better Than The Rest) ft. Frankco Harris (Original Mix)
Tech House\Endor, Eksman – Rock The House (Extended Mix)
Tech House\Fast Eddie, Hugel – Booty Call (Extended Mix)
Tech House\Gabriel Evoke – Pitcha (Original Mix)
Tech House\George Privatti, Mauro Venti – Press Kidz (Original Mix)
Tech House\Hilit Kolet, Kay Elizabeth – Techno Disco feat. Kay Elizabeth (Extended Mix)
Tech House\Italobros – Paradiso (Original Mix)
Tech House\Josh Butler – Satisfy (Original Mix)
Tech House\Kyle Walker – Midnight Dancer (Extended Mix)
Tech House\Late Replies, Jah Cure – Longing For (2021 Remix – Extended Mix)
Tech House\Latmun, Wheats – Onset (Original Mix)
Tech House\Lorenzo de Blanck – Reload (Dipech Extended Remix)
Tech House\Martin Ikin, Hayley May – How I Feel (Biscits Extended Mix)
Tech House\Michael Bibi – Whispers In The Wind (Original Mix)
Tech House\Miguel Lobo, Rayzir – Let’s Take A Trip (Original Mix)
Tech House\Moreno Pezzolato – If I Can Hit It (Original Mix)
Tech House\Moreno Pezzolato – Mellow (Extended Mix)
Tech House\Nic Zega, Superchip – Belladona (Original Mix)
Tech House\Nicolau Marinho – Candy Shop (Original Mix)
Tech House\OFFAIAH – Up All Night (Extended Mix)
Tech House\PAX – Revelry (Extended Mix)
Tech House\PEACE MAKER! – Babylonia (Extended)
Tech House\Samuele Scelfo – Hygge (Extended)
Tech House\Skayem – Work (Original Mix)
Tech House\Sosa UK – It’s Time to Move (Original Mix)
Tech House\Toni Varga – Ice In My Mouth (Original Mix)
Tech House\Wade – Superazzid (Original Mix)
Tech House\Will Taylor (UK) – Wasting Time (Extended Mix)
Tech House\Yolanda Be Cool, Dillon Nathaniel – Bolivian Sunrise (Original Mix)

Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Belocca – Flower Of Life (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\BK – Revolution – BK’s Rework (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Boris Brejcha – Twisted Reality (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\CamelPhat, Rebuke – The Future (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Charles D (USA), MANSHN – Twenty Twenty (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Con Tacto – Shakti (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\DJ Misjah – Keep Your Love (T78 Extended Remix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Dok & Martin, Luis Miranda – Colossal (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Dok & Martin, Luis Miranda – Pumuky (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Fractious – Hidden Spark (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Jens Lissat – 1991 (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Marcelo Demarco – The Basement (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Patrick Scuro – Tell Me (Extended Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Patrick Scuro – Tell Me (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Phoenix Movement – Intense (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Roger Lavelle – Fast Movement (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Ron Costa – Strange Pipes (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Ronnye M – Distorted (Mar Gulo Remix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Solardo, Love Regenerator – Rollercoaster (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Space 92, Popof – Insomnia (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Tiger Stripes – Rocket (Original Mix)
Techno (Peak Time – Driving)\Tom Laws – Drop The Beat (Original Mix)

Techno (R-D-H)\ASKE – Stargate (Original mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Basis Change – Cease (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Booz – Decumano (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Fadi Mohem & Rodh†d – 210407.1 (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Fiedel – Doors To Manual (2021 Remaster)
Techno (R-D-H)\Greg Gow – Music Is Not Cancelled (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Hektor Legion – Misconduct (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Huey Mnemonic – Transmutation (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Kolpos – Hirise (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Lewis Fautzi – Induced Pulse (Original mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Lex Gorrie – Second Nature (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Milo Raad – Algebra (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Orbe – FM-2030 (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Pfirter, Oliver Rosemann – Gamma 01 (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Rhythm Assembler – Rapture (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Rosati – Elastik (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Sound Virus – Follow Your Feet (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Tiefton – Algol (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Tygapaw – Diffusus (Original Mix)
Techno (R-D-H)\Yagya – The Other Side of Despair (Original Mix)

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