JunoDownload Top 200 March 2020

JunoDownload Top 200 March 2020

Title: JunoDownload Top 200 March 2020
Artist: VA
Genre: House
Tracks: 204
Quality: 320 kbps
Channels: Stereo / 44 khz
Size: 2,9 Gb

Abawuwu – McBrugal (Original Mix) [thea records]
Adri Blok, Martina Budde – You To Me Are Everything (Original Mix) [Next-Gen-Records]
Alessio Cala – Its All About Expression (Original Mix) [Soul Brain Records]
Alexander Cruel, Wilsun – La Vela (Original Club Mix) [No Definition]
Alphatech – Wow (Original Mix) [Astro Digital Records]
Amorhouse – Soul Train (Original Mix) [Play My Tune]
Andrea Monta, Karl8 – Sock It 2 Me (Original Mix) [Casa Rossa]
Andrea Rossi, John Bruno – Lets Stay Together (Original Mix) [miniMarket]
Andy Bach – Dont Stop (Body Rock) (Original Mix) [Springbok Records]
Andy Bach – Time To See (Original Mix) [Springbok Records]
Ant Brooks, O-Galla – Emotion (Extended Mix) [Zulu Records]
Antenna! – Chroma (Original Mix) [LUNETTA11]
Antenna! – Rhombus (Original Mix) [LUNETTA11]
ARCYDARO – Tender Heart (Original Mix) [ARCYDARO]
Arminoise – Billy Joe (Original Mix) [Disco Balls Records]
ATFC, Emy Perez – One Step Ahead (Extended Mix) [Armada Deep]
Baldey – House (Original Mix) [Funky Green]
Basto – Wish For It (Extended Mix) [Be Yourself Music]
Beam Nudger – Tasty & Hype (Original Mix) [Flashcut]
Block & Crown – Da Phunk Rhymin (Original Mix) [Which Bottle]
Block & Crown – That Was Funky (Original Mix) [InStereo Recordings]
Blonde Koala – Donzella (Original Mix) [One Shot Records]
Bodyfunkers – Overload (Donny Dolla Dub Mix) [Garage Recordings]
Bodyfunkers – Overload (Donny Dolla Remix) [Garage Recordings]
Brock Edwards – Yes, I Do (Fully Rated Remix) [Thursday Trax]
Brock Edwards – Yes, I Do (Lewis Funktion Remix) [Thursday Trax]
Brothers In Arts, Claborg – Dance With Me (Original Mix)
Bruno Browning – True Believer (Original Mix) [Soulsupplement Records]
Carlostella – Good Fellas (Original Mix) [Spacedisco Records]
Carlostella – Not A Hero (Original Mix) [Souluxe Record Co]
Carlostella – One Two One Two (Original Mix) [CRMS Records]
Choices – Less Is More
Codar – One Thing (Original Mix) [TekknologyMusic]
Da Funk Junkies – Find Me On The Floor (Original Mix) [Which Bottle]
Damon Hess, O-Galla – Voulez Vous (Original Mix) [Whore House]
Daniele Petronelli, Cesko, Savi Vincenti – Telindia (Original Mix) [AREA 94]
Dave Styler – Dirty Board (Dub Mix) [Tiger Music]
Delgado – Bonfire (Original Mix) [Jacked Out Trax]
Delgado – Senorita (Original Mix) [Jacked Out Trax]
Delpezzo – So Good (Original Mix) [Phoenix Music Inc]
Diego Rey – Feel Your Body (Original Mix) [Juiced Music]
Dim Vach – Monomotapa (Original Mix) [Islandian Records]
Disco Ballz – Funky Flava (Original Mix) [Global Junkiez]
DiscoVer. – Cant Get You Out Of My Head (Original Mix) [Which Bottle]
Diver City – Disco Boom (Extended Mix) [Tactical Records]
DJ Csemak – Filter Grooverz (Original Mix) [Underway Productions]
DJ Csemak – Just Love Me (Original Mix) [Underway Productions]
DJ Dan, Block & Crown – Those Lies (Original Mix) [InStereo Recordings]
DJ Daro – Mind Dancing (David Caetano Remix) [Deep Music Frequencies]
DJ Nirro – Never Coming Down (Extended Mix) [Dance Of Toads]
DJ-G – Never Forget (Let U Go) (Original Mix) [Vamos Music]
Don Diego – Stucked (Original Mix) [NSoul Records]
Each Other – Six Weeks (Original Mix) [DEEWEE]
Echonomist, Iokasti – Modern Wonder (Original Mix) [TAU]
Elephank Project – Quai Kiwi (Original Mix) [Sample Connection Records]
Emran Badalov, Heidi B – Touch Of Luv (Original Mix) [Tactical Trax]
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – Just Keep On Betting (Original Mix) [Traktoria]
Escobar (TR), Dox (TR) – Believe (Original Mix) [Talent Records]
Esteban De Urbina – Gangster Pop (Original Mix) [droorshouse records]
Esteban De Urbina – Varon Dandy (Original Mix) [droorshouse records]
FDF (Italy) – Guitar Vibes (Original Mix) [Shared Rec]
Filta Freqz – A Little Love (Original Mix) [Seventy Four]
Fly O Tech – Stay Here (Original Mix) [Baobab Recordings]
Francesco Mercadante, BeDJs – Elisir (Original Mix) [AREA 94]
Frank Spex – Move Your Feet (Original Mix) [Y Music Productions]
Frank-lo, Stilo Mancia – Crazy (Original Mix) [Bang The Culture]
Fred Dekker – City Dancer (Original Mix) [Zero Eleven Record Company]
Frikardo – Florida (Original Mix) [Sundries Digital]
Gary Caos – Boogie Wonder (Original Mix) [Casa Rossa]
Gerva – This (Original Mix) [Pocket Jacks Trax]
Greenbay Jackers – Kamaaina Haole (Original Mix) [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Greenbay Jackers – Malama Pono (Original Mix) [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Groovenerd – Super Strong (Original Mix) [Shared Rec]
Guizzera – Instant Love (Original Mix) [Tiger Records]
Gussy (OG) – Take It All (Original Mix) [Rude Fish Records]
Hadjas – Mediterrano (Original Mix) [mukkewerke]
Harry Color – This Is Acid (Original Mix) [La Casa Recordings]
Heads Up! – Stay True (Original Mix) [Stammtisch]
Housego – Testify (Original Mix) [One Track Mind]
Hype Nine – Interminable (Original Mix) [Stammtisch]
J Paul Getto – The Players Club (Original Mix) [Nine Sixteen Muzik]
J.B. Boogie – Body Up (Original Mix) [Disco Down]
Javi Bora – Our Destiny (Original Mix) [Too Many Rules]
JedX – Just Say The Word (Original Mix) [Star Funk Records]
JedX – Peace In My Soul (Original Mix) [Music Marks The Spot]
JedX – Weekend Freak (Original Mix) [Star Funk Records]
JedX – Without You (Original Mix) [Music Marks The Spot]
Jerome Hill – Transmissions (Original Mix) [Accidental Jnr]
JMMSTR – Hi Fashion (Original Mix) [Spa In Disco]
JMMSTR – Sock Me (Original Mix) [Spa In Disco]
Jo Paciello – Cant Stop It (Original Mix) [Groovy Riddim Records]
Jo Paciello, Norbit Housemaster – Sanoke (Original Mix) [Bit Rule Records]
JoBu – Kerbcrawler (Original Mix) [Seventy Four]
John Gold – Your Soul (Extended Mix) [BeatCanteen Records]
Johnick, Bonetti – Reminisce (Original Mix) [Groovy Riddim Records]
JonZen – Burnin (Original Mix) [Sandy Records]
Josoy – Movin Up (Original Mix) [Vamos Music Talents]
Kafzon – Pink Sherbet (Original Mix) [Simma Black]
Kathy Brown, Tsalikee – Something About You (Groove Assassin Remix) [King Street Sounds]
Kevin McKay, Start The Party – Freed From Desire (Kevin McKay Remix) [Glasgow Underground]
Kornum & Karma – Signalling Home (Original Mix) [CRMS Records]
Kosaa – High Rocks (Original Mix) [Vinebeat Records]
Leandro Garcia – Remind (Original Mix) [Digital Den Records]
Lefthook – Light Of The Sun (Alvaro Medina Remix) [Honne Music]
LevelzUp, Belly Bella – Dont Know What To Do (Original Mix) [NoAnwer]
Lost Carves, Petrick – Let Me (Original Mix) [Ultra Star Records]
Love In Colour – The Writing On The Wall (Mirko & Meex Remix) [Suppressed Energy]
Love In Colour – The Writing On The Wall (Original Mix) [Suppressed Energy]
Luca Debonaire – Smoke (Original Mix) [Rawtone Black]
Luca Di Napoli, Felipe Fella – Rastaman (Original Club Mix) [Muzica Records]
M.Poc – Ups & Downs (Original Mix) [Smashing Trax Records]
Majed Salih – Discodbrant (Original Mix) [Medievil-Music]
Man2.0 – Hooked On U (Original Mix) [Secret Fusion]
Man2.0 – The Night We Went To The See (Original Mix) [Secret Fusion]
Marco Corvino – My Disco Love (Original Mix) [Funky Floor Records]
Margherita Cecchi – Words Thrown (Original Mix) [Metropolitan Recordings]
Markiss Knobs – Hustle And Bustle (Original Mix) [Midwest Hustle Music]
Mattei & Omich, Karmina Dai – Saturday Love (Extended Mix) [Mattei & Omich Music]
Matteo – Lost Soul (Original Mix) [Disco Balls Records]
Maxx Bass – Enter The Dragon (Original Mix) [Drop7 Records]
Maxx Bass – Jackin House (Original Mix) [Drop7 Records]
Michel Senar – Heaven (Original Mix) [Mediterraneo Records]
Mighty Real – Turning Out Well (Original Mix) [Stammtisch]
Mike Zoran – The Untold Story (Original Mix) [Nipplekiss]
Milk Bar – Dont Stop Now (Extended Mix) [Total Freedom +]
MLiR, Velmondo – Mad Honey (Original Mix) [Internasjonal]
Nicola Grassetto – Get Your Body Moving (Original Mix) [Stammtisch]
Nicola Nisi – All Good (Original Mix) [Xamaky Records]
Nixxa – The Funker (Original Mix) [High Grooves Records]
Noise Kidz – Care Of What (Original Mix) [Disco Explosion Records]
Novodisc – Uh (Original Mix) [Purveyor Underground]
Oggie B – Come Hear (Original Mix) [Onako Records]
Olivia Andela – I Like That (Original Mix) [Birkin Records]
Orffee, Zinner – Dangerous (Extended Mix) [Dance Of Toads]
Osheen – Kiss My Dub (Original Mix) [Blinded Records]
Pandaro – Parasocial Activity (Filburt Remix) [ORS]
Panorama Channel, Pletnev – Eiffel Tower Syndrome (Original Mix) [Biologic Records]
Pansil – Fall In Love (Cristian Poow & Oscar Zymn Remix) [Dbeatzion Records]
Paolo M. – All Of Us (Original Club Mix) [PinkStar Records]
Patrick Wayne – Chicago (Original Mix) [Dubstar Recordings]
Paul Najera, Jr. Quijada – Passion (Original Mix) [Juiced Music]
PC Pat, Claud Santo – Difficult Days (Original Mix) [Jacked Out Trax]
PC Pat, Claud Santo – The Visionaire (Original Mix) [Jacked Out Trax]
Pimlican – Come With Me (Original Mix) [Belgrave Road Records]
Popcorn Poppers, Marc Mosca – Double Tap (Original Mix) [Which Bottle]
PulpStereo – Mikas Mouse (Frimfram Collective Remix) [frimfram]
Ray-D – Ill Be Fine (Original Mix) [MoodyHouse Recordings]
Ray-D – With Your Bad Self (Original Mix) [MoodyHouse Recordings]
Rhythm Staircase – Around The Globe (Original Mix) [Groovy Riddim Records]
Rick Marshall – Fall Down (Original Mix) [Funky Revival]
Right Mood – Moba (Original Mix) [Barbecue Records]
Rings Of Neptune – Aurinko (Umami Remix) [Treibjagd Records]
Rithma – The Hop (Original Mix) [Wonder Ace]
Robert Burian – Move Your Feet (Extended Mix) [No Definition]
Roland Clark – Demon Of Despair (Original Mix) [Delete International Records]
Roland Clark – The Moon (Original Mix) [Delete International Records]
Roli, Petrick – Day By Day (Original Mix) [Ultra Star Records]
Romain Pelletti, Chico & The Gypsies – Te Quiero (Extended Mix) [Tactical Records]
Rootwords, House Dat Shit – Boss Kid (Original Mix) [Trax Records]
Rory Northall – Need Ur Lovin (Original Mix) [One Track Mind]
Ruben Naess – Just Believe (Original Mix) [Turtle Wax Recordings]
Sean Finn, Block & Crown – Whats That (Original Mix) [Tactical Records]
Sergio Trillini – Memoria (Original Club Mix) [PinkStar Records]
SilverFox – Release Da Stress (Original Mix) [FOX Pukka Kutz Records]
Sonic Primers – Feel The Music (Original Mix) [Stammtisch]
Sosiur – Dreamer (Original Mix) [Sugar Shack Recordings]
Soul Des Jaguar – Samba Fever (Original Mix) [African Pulse Music]
Soulcall, Regina Rogers – Just Promise (Original Mix) [HSR Records]
Soulvibe Inc. – Funk It Up (Original Mix) [Nicepeople]
Soulvibe Inc. – Inside To Outside (Original Mix) [Nicepeople]
Sounderson – Light That Shit (Original Mix) [Black Bouwie Records]
Spiced Boogie – Git-Up (Original Mix) [Stammtisch]
Stefan Groove, Emma C – Plaything (Original Mix) [Death Star Records]
Stefano Sorge – La Vuelta (Original Mix) [History Recordings]
Stereo Karma, Slomecki – Movement (Original Mix) [Subsolo Music]
Steve K – We Keep Climbing (Original Mix) [Chugg Recordings]
Stube – Da Groove (Original Mix) [Stammtisch]
Subaholics – Liberia (Original Mix) [Open House Deep]
Sugar Daddy – Love On The Attack (Original Mix) [Situationism]
Sweet LA – Movements (Original Mix) [Whore House]
Takashi Kurosawa – Night Ride (Original Mix) [Global Junkiez]
Tello – You Cant Hide (Discoslap Remix) [Solid State Disco]
Ten Walls – Arcade (Original Mix) [Runemark Records]
Ten Walls – Casper (Original Mix) [Runemark Records]
Terry G, DJ Ceez – Energized (Original Mix) [Midwest Hustle Music]
The Giver – One Water Please (Club Mix) [Zulu Records]
The Lab Of House – Wolf (Jersey Mood) (Original Mix) [Raw Recordings]
The Stoned – Time For A Party (Original Mix) [Tereysa Records]
The Stoned – Ur Everything (Original Mix) [Midwest Hustle Music]
The SyntheTigers, Tobirus Mozelle – Shine (Original Mix) [Moulton Music]
Thomas K – Has An Effect (Original Mix) [Midwest Hustle Music]
Those Guys From Athens – Love Explosion (Original Mix) [Midnight Riot]
Titi – Im A Rat (Original Mix) [TaiJi Red Records]
Trevor Gordon – Crystal Clear Manifestation (Original Mix) [Lisztomania Records]
Twin (CZ) – AnnaMa (Packo Gualandris Remix) [Licker Records]
Unexpected Marvel – The Feeling Is Back (Original Mix) [Stammtisch]
V.O.Y – Funk Overdrive (Original Mix) [Brook Gee Records]
V.O.Y – Get It Right (Original Mix) [Brook Gee Records]
Vicente Guevara – Shema Israel (Original Mix) [Levitium Records]
Vlad Jet, Kai Si, Vlad Yaki – Blue Eyes (Original Mix) [Capital Heaven]
Yuichi Inoue – Nice & Easy (Original Mix) [BALLLOOM]
Yvvan Back – Your Voice (Back & Em Pi Remix) [HouseU]
Zepherin Saint, Jackie Queens – Smile (Original Mix) [Tribe Records]
Zoord – My Expression (Original Mix) [Uba Lua Records]


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